Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Burning smell from BMW X5?

My buddy has a BMW X5. Every time the road conditions are wet (rain, slush, or snow), he gets a burning smell inside and outside of the car. It smells like an electrical component or wires. The car is a 2005. I have observed smoke comming from the front left (driver side) side of the car. If anyone has experienced this or knows anything about it I would really appreciate some help. Thank you.

Burning smell from BMW X5?anti virus scan

Probably just the extra money he paid to buy a German vehicle when he could have gotten a better Japanese/Korean SUV for $8000 less with fewer problems.

Burning smell from BMW X5?ariel

that happenst to me sometimese..... what does help is warming up ur car before driving fast..... change the oil.....and dont blast the a/c

if that doent work its something with the side door electricity....if ur lucky u just need to change the circut chip or else u better send it to the garage

x5 are sick cars
how bout the wet the belt slips and thats the burning smell!

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