Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why doesn't a BMW Z3 have a dip stick for the transmission?

2000 BMW Z3 2.3, where can I look to see the tranny fluid level? Thanks Vaughn for answering my keyless entry won't work question. I'll try those idea's asap, no stereo work. The courtesy light by the rear view mirror when in the center position won't shut off. So it must be a switch like you said-Hood,door,trunk.

Why doesn't a BMW Z3 have a dip stick for the transmission?hijackthis

In mid 90s, BMW decided to move to new long life transmission fluid in order to maximize the first owner satisfaction. The idea is to extend the life of all the components as long as possible so that the first owner (person who actually buy and pay for the car new) don't ever have to service it. Usually that means first 100K miles of service.

Your transmission is filled with life fluid, that you should not have to change it for first 100K miles. some early version use long life fluid that has life of 70K miles. Since you never have to change it, there is no point of having a dip stick as long as it does not leak.

All that comes down to politics. Best for your car is to change transmission oil as frquently as possible. but because BMW wants to make first owners happy, they come up with this crap that is not good for the car.

If you have a leak or must check the transmission fluid level, there are two holes provided by ZF transmission. One is drain hole, and another one is fill hole. Specification says you warm up your transmission to normal operating system and open the fill hole and stick your finger in to feel the level of the fluid. The fluid level should be right below the fill hole. The fill hold should be located at right side of transmission and drain hole should be at the bottom of the transmission.

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